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obrazek - muzyka, filmy, książki - Univox.pl


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obrazek - muzyka, filmy, książki - Univox.plobrazek - muzyka, filmy, książki - Univox.plobrazek - muzyka, filmy, książki - Univox.plobrazek - muzyka, filmy, książki - Univox.pl
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OLGA RUSINAPiano Recital


Gaspard de La Nuit

1. Ondine 7:32

2. Le Gibiet 6:35

3. Scarbo 10:08


„Faschingsschwank aus Wien“

4. Allegro 8:47

5. Romanze 2:57

6. Scherzino 2:00

7. Intermezzo 2:24

8. Finale 5:54


9. Ballade in F minor, op. 52 12:45


Two poems op. 32

10. Poem in F sharp major, no. 1 3:25

11. Poem in D major, no 2 1:35

Three Etudes op.32

12. Etude in C sharp minor, op. 42 no.5 3:53

13. Etude in C sharp minor, op. 2 no.1 3:18

14. Etude in E major, op. 8 no.5 3:25

Total time: 76:08

Olga Rusina is a distinguished Russian pianist working an living in Poland. At the age of six she began to learn to play the piano, at the same time she started practicing ballet and also composing her own music. As a Thirteen-year-old girl she won the first prize in the National Russian Competition for Young Pianists, giving her first concert accompanied by a symphony orchestra. In 1974 she completed her education at the College of Music which is attached to the Moscow Conservatory. She had been in Proffesor Boris Betchterev’s vlass. From 1974 to 1979 she studied the piano at the Moscow Conservatory under the famous master Professor Jakov Milstein. She finished her studies Magnum cum Laude. In 1982, after having completed her doctorate studies at the Moscow Conservatory (having been in Professor Sergey Dorensy’s class and receiving the highest distrinction) she began to teach at the Ural Conservatory in Yekaterinburg and work as a solist and chamber musician in the Yekaterinburg Philharmonic. She has participated in prestigious music festivals in Russia, performed at summits of the Union of Russian Composers Playing on the first-night pieces of music sometimes dedicated to her.

Her reportoire both as a soloist and as a chamber musician, has an abundance of masterpieces from the Baroque period to contemporary times as well as twenty two piano concertos which she played accompanied by orchestra conducted by such distinguished conductors as E.Servoy, A.Tchysiakov, A.Boreyko, , D. Rayskin, M.Nalecz-Niesiolowski a nd others..

Olga Rusina has made over 200 recordings for the radio and television, she has recorded 7CDs including works by Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Scriabin, Schumann, Ravel, Debussy (produced by ‘Koch International’, ‘Dux’ and ‘Soliton’).

The artist gives concerts in different parts od Europe – Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, the F.YR of Macedonia and others. Her concerts and recordings are frequentry bradcast not only on Polish radio but also on foreign radio stations.

Her Talent received as Mikhail Pletnev, Jakov Milstein, Sergey Dorensky, Regina Smendzianka and many famous music critics from all over Europe.

In 1993 Olga Rusina moved to Poland where she teaches at Wroclaw Music Academy and the Music Secondary School. Among her pupils there are many winners of international piano competitions (40 winners and among them 7 winners of Grand Prix awards).

The intensive piano and educational work of Olga Rusina has borne fruit in the form of the Association – “Piano Art” which was founded in 2000. Its aim is to promote and support talented young musicians. This accomplished pianist is also the main founder and organizer of the Festival of Young Musicians “Classic Premiere”

The artist regulary leads master classes in Russia, Poland, Germany and France.


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